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Future Cities® Group Inc. is committed to partnering with our clients to shape their vision through economic value-added strategies and the improvement of the quality of life

Mr. Miguel Escobar, principal of the firm, has been instrumental in the development of major real-estate and municipal economic development strategies in Canada and overseas. His vision and foresight have contributed to positive economic return on investment and improved quality of life.
Established in 1985, FCG works with a multidisciplinary team of urban planners, architects, interior designers and comprehensive real-estate planning strategies to building owners, managers and end-users.
The firm acts on behalf of many clients as their representative providing strategic, innovative solutions to meet their financial, functional and aesthetic needs.
Our team operates in a highly computerized environment, equipped with the latest technology to ensure rapid and effective communication with our clients, wherever they are geographically located.
The firm holds professional registration in both Quebec and Ontario and accreditation in the United States.